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Mark A. Stanton A friend from long ago... December 5, 2009

I'm saddened to hear of Jimmy's passing....I knew him back in the late 70's - early 80's. I volunteered with him at Newport Fire Company #1. He was the Chief Engineer there and while we didn't have the greatest equipment in the world....Jimmy kept it all running. That man could fix anything! I also knew him from the Bensalem Swim Club. He was a member there, and took care of the maintenance of the pumps and filters.

What I admired about him the most was that when I first met him, I found out that his wife had recently passed away. I also learned that he had many kids, and was often seen spending time with them. I admired him immensly because of his devotion to his family, and to his profession. He touched a lot of peoples lives....mine included. Rest easy Jimmy, theres nothing in need of repair up in Heaven....


Mark A. Stanton

Ed Kane Back Creek Rocking Horse, Co., Virginia January 1, 2008

To: Mr. James J. Holden, a man's man that we never got a chance to meet,  has a wonderful family that he left in his image and his life. May God Bless, James J. Holden, his daughter, Lisa Ann and his grandchildren and his family. Ed Kane, Back Creek Rocking Horse, Co., Virginia

Joyce Moneypenny A Father Like No Other December 30, 2007

I grieve for James Holden, though I never knew him; I never met him, but I heard stories about him from Lisa Ann, and he sounded like a funny, sarcastic, huge-hearted man that I would be proud to know. Most importantly, he was an irreplaceable human being to many people, especially his daughter Lisa Ann, and the grief at his passing shows just how special and wonderful he really was. A father like that can never be replaced or forgotten. We should all be lucky enough to have such a father - but to lose such a father is a heartache that will never really go away. He lives on in his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren - may he always be remembered and honored for the wonderful man he was.

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