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Dad's Daughter, Lisa Ann



I Remember all the Valentine's Day's that You Never Forgot. You always made Kathleen and I feel so special. We would wait till you arrived home from work, and You would give us each a Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates, and a few Bags of Candy Hearts. Of Course You Never Forgot Mom, She got the Biggest Heart Shaped Box and the Biggest of Cards. I Miss Those Days, but I Will Always Have Those Special Memories. Where Did All Those Wonderful Years Go???? You Will Always Be a One of a Kind Dad, Always Missed, But Never, Ever Forgotten.

I am Still Missing You Everyday, Someday's More Than Others.









Why Didn't I
 To sit with my Dad once again
Would be a dream come true
I would say the things I should have said
Like how much "I Love You!"

So many words were left unspoken
So many words were left unsaid
Why didn't I tell him how I felt?
But I kept my mouth shut instead.

For fear of embarrassment and awkwardness
I kept the words tucked in my heart
Then the Lord took you home one day
Now my words I can't impart.

I'm so sorry I never told you
Just how much I did love you
Something inside of me said 'there's no need'
I took it for granted that you knew.

So Dad, I want you now to know
Even though you're on the other side
Just how much I love and Miss you
and That's why I continue to cry
Dad and Lisa
Jimmy, Kevin, Lisa and Brian
Jimmy, Kevin, Lisa, Brian and Tommy
Dad's Daughter, Lisa Ann


I know I told you often enough how much I loved you, but I feel the need to say it once again, and to tell you how very much I appreciated all that you did for me.

My early childhood memories are such good ones of all the happy times we spent together. Although you worked such long hours, everyday, to give us all the things we ever needed or wanted, at the end of the day, you still managed to sneak into my bedroom at night, wake me, and ask if there was anything I needed for school etc.

You taught me such respect for material things, and how to love people for who they are. I have such a Great Love for animals because of you, and need to tell you that your little Chancey Mancey, Misses you. I wish you would have gotten to know Obie better, but as you said, he is turning out to be One BIG Boy. The horses miss your soft heart, and the extra feedings of hay and treats. Hailey Turned 11 years old on the 29th of December, and he still looks forward to his dinner everynight. Not sure how much time I will have left with him, but I know you'll be waiting for him on the other side. I know Mom won't be crazy about a big dog joining you, but you and Kathleen can butter her up a little. He is surely a gentle giant.

Tom found your wedding album in the storage garage, and I will be adding those photos to your site for all to see. You two really did make a nice couple. Tell Mom and Kathleen We Love and Miss them, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are taking care of them once again.

I will write again in a few days, till then, Love You with All my Heart and Miss You So Much.  Your Daughter, Lisa Ann


Dad, Hailey came home to you today.


Watch Over Him for Me...

Hailey's Last Day, 2/18/2007


GrandPop will Love and Take Care of You.

Miss You, Your Mommy

Daughter, Mary Ann Holden


I remember the way you loved to tease everyone.  I remember the way you teased all the grandkids with the Horse Hoof ( from Farrier School ) in the barn at your house in Pipersville. The last time I saw you and talked to you before you left us, you made us laugh and smile, and on that day you told me you wanted me to have your Florida Land. You got up and went to get it for me, and little did I know it was just a small bag of sand that said Florida Land on it. I know everyone says you gave it to me because you hated the hot weather in Florida, but I will have it and treasure it always. Everytime I look at it or talk about it, I will be reminded of you and all the times we shared.


Marianne Caven
I've known Jimmy Holden all my life. He knew about my existence before I took my first breath. And in all my days, I can think of few others I was ever so happy to see...always so happy to be around. He was one kind, funny uncle. And a man with a big heart.
Since I spent so much of my life and so many weekends growing up with Sadie and  Bella ( his Mom and also Great Granny while she was alive and I was very young ), I saw Jimmy often. Many a Saturday when he stopped by Emerald Street for a visit with his Mom, he would take me out with him for a drive to pick up work materials or visit shops... always stopping on a hot day ( no air conditioned vehicles then ) to get me a soda, sometimes a lunch. Young Jimmy recently mentioned remembering Smarkola's, a variety store at the corner of Emerald and Cambria Streets, just a few steps from 2878. Many a time Jimmy Holden put a quarter in my hand ( yes, a quarter did it in those days ! ) and watched me cross the street for candies and ice cream. I'll never forget one shop we occasionally visited...  the owner's name was Joe Dodash ( certainly not sure of the spelling ). I sure do remember the very funny name...and your Dad telling when I laughed about it, that Mr. Dodash was one good guy!
His Mom, my beloved Aunt Bella, loved him so. She and Sadie took every opportunity to sing the praises of his mechanical and carpentry skills, often noting wood work and improvements he made at Emerald Street, when he was in his teens. I didn't think there was anything he couldn't make. I remember asking him many times if he could build steps inside our early childhood home on K Street...in the corner of the living room... a small staircase, that would lead to a secret room in the upstairs hallway for me. Impossible, of course, but his comment was always " I'll think about it".
Jimmy Holden added a spark and laughter to every family gathering. I was always so excited when I stayed with Aunt Ronnie and she told me Jimmy was on his way. He loved kids, most of all his own. He wasn't an uninvolved adult bystander, he connected with us. I think he was a big kid himself at heart. A very good thing.
Christmases were great at the Holden household. No where did I ever see such stacks of toys and presents. As Lisa recently told me, he did enjoy Christmas mornings, even if he took a snooze or two through it all. I was felt as welcome at the Holden home as I did at my own. The kettle always went on and if there was an occasion for a gathering, there was always a "good spread", a phrase used in those days. In later years, the offer of a drink ( yes, we did share a few ! ).
Jimmy Holden had a keen insight into people. I always thought he somehow knew more about me than I ever shared, or anyone did...many times he laughed, telling me that he knew from when I was born,  I wasn't destined to be the nun my father hoped to find in one of his girls. He never judged, he jibed. He could slip in some gem of wit or dry humour without you realizing it for a moment or two and he could also slip in a bit of wisdom or advice, in the same fashion.
Jimmy Holden knew the trials and tribulations that life often deal us. He also knew great joys. He loved his family. He loved children. When he surprised me years back with his excitement about having acreage and animals, I knew the animal kingdom had found a great friend. Now a greater kingdom has him. May he rest in peace and be rewarded.
With a nod to his Scottish and Irish background, I offer you this blessing:
May the Road Rise to Meet You,
May the Wind be Forever at Your Back,
May the Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face,
The Rains Fall Soft Upon Your Fields,
And until You Meet Jim Holden again,
May God Hold You in the Palm of His Hand.
With every best wish, love, and gratitude for the man your father was,
Your Cous Marianne
Lisa Ann Holden

So Many Stories, So Many Memories, So Much Love............

Dad You Were Always The Best,  No One Could Have Asked For a Better Dad....

I Missed You Yesterday, I Miss You Today and I Will Miss You Always...........


Give Me The Strength To Go On, and Share My Memories Of You With Everyone.....

They Tell Me You Are in a Better Place, But it Sure is Lonely Here Without You....

They Tell Me Time Will Ease The Pain, But I Wasn't Ready To Let You Go Just Yet........I Miss You..........I Love You...........Always In My Heart............Always in my Memories.............Always in my Thoughts......

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